Photo Locker


Hide your most private photos


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Photo Locker is a virtual safe where you can hide your pictures from prying eyes.

The way Photo Locker works is very simple: it lets you create password-protected folders where you can put as many photos as you want. To add photos you just have to go inside one of these folders, press the 'add images' button, and select the pictures you want to protect.

The password you set can be from four to eight digits, only numbers: a more than sufficient safety measure to stop anyone from getting to your pictures without permission. You can create as many folders as you want for very personal pictures, images of sensitive documents, or simply your entire photo collection.

Photo Locker is a very interesting way to protect your most sensitive photos. The best thing about it is its simple and accessible interface, thanks to which you can create as many protected folders as you want in just a matter of seconds.